IPL QUIZ 2023: Questions with Answers

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IPL QUIZ 2023 Questions with Answers: 16th edition of Indian Premier League 2023 was played in April-May 2023. IPL Final 2023 was scheduled for Sunday 28 May but due to rain the final was rescheduled and played on a reserved day i.e. monday 29 May 2023.

Chennai SuperKings led by the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the IPL 2023 trophy. This was the 5th IPL title for Chennai SuperKings

Many questions have been asked in various exams like SSC, CGL, Railways, etc. from the ipl 2023.

In this article I am going to give you the most important questions on IPL 2023 with answers which are not only important for your general knowledge but also going to help you in upcoming competitive exams.

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IPL Quiz 2023 – Questions with Answers

1. IPL 2023 is ____________ edition? Ans. 16th Edition

2. IPL 2023 held in which country? Ans. India

3. Which Team won IPL 2023 Cup? Ans. Chennai SuperKings (Fifth Time)

4. Which team was the runner up in IPL 2023? Ans. Gujrat TItans

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5. Which team won the toss in IPL 2023 Final? Ans. Chennai SuperKings

6. IPL 2023 Final was held in which stadium? Ans. Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmadabad, Gujrat

7. What is the Run target for Chennai SuperKings in IPL 2023 Finals set by Gujrat Titans? Ans. 215 Runs in 20 over but due to rain match was cut to 15 overs and revised target for CSk after D/L method was 171 runs in 15 overs.

8. Who is the Orange cap holder in IPL 2023? Ans. Shubhman Gill (Gujrat Titans) – 890 runs in 17 innings

9. Who is the Purple cap holder in IPL 2023? Ans. Mohammed Shami (Gujrat Titans) 28 wickets in 17 matches

10. Who hit Maximum Six in IPL 2023? Ans. Faf DuPlessis (Royal Challengers Bangalore)- 36 sixes.

11. Who won the Game changer of the season 2023 award? Ans. Shubman Gill

12. Who won the Most Valuable Asset of the Tournament award in IPL 2023? Ans. Shubman Gill (GT)

13. Who won the  Super striker of the season 2023 award? Ans. Glenn Maxwell (RCB)

14. Who won the Catch of the season award in IPL 2023? Ans. Rashid Khan (GT)

15. Which team won the IPL Fairplay award in 2023? Ans. Delhi Capitals

16. Who won Emerging player of the season award for IPL 2023? Ans. Yashasvi Jaiswal

17. Who is the Youngest player to win an Orange cap for most runs in an entire IPL season? Ans. Shubman Gill (Gujrat Titans) – 23 Years.

18. Which player Played most IPL as a Captain? Ans. MS Dhoni – CSK Captain

19. Who is the Title Sponsor of IPL 2023? Ans. TATA

20. Total Teams participated in IPL 2023? Ans. 10 Teams.

IPL 2023 Quiz Question Answers

21. Who was the Runners Up of IPL 2023? Ans. Gujrat Titans

22. Which was the 1st time when CSK won the IPL Trophy? Ans. 2010 (IPL-3)

23. Who is the Non-Indian Highest Run Scorer in IPL 2023? Ans. Faf DuPlessis (RCB) 730 runs in 14 innings

24. Who became the Youngest Player to win an Orange Cap in IPL? Ans. Subhman Gill  (23 years, 243 days)

25. Who has the record of longest six in IPL 2023? Ans.Faf DuPlessis (115m)

26. Who won the ‘Emerging Player of the Season’ in IPL 2023? Ans. Yashsasvi Jaiswal

27. Who won the ‘Game Changer of the Season Award’ in IPL 2023? Ans. Shubman Gill

28. Who won the ‘Most Valuable Player’ Award in IPL 2023? Ans. Shubman Gill

29. Who scored the maximum runs in a match in IPL 2023? Ans. Shubman Gill (129 runs vs MI in Qualifier 2)

30. Who won the Fairplay Award in IPL 2023? Ans.Delhi Capital

31. Who won the ‘Super Striker of the Season’ of IPL 2023? Ans. Glenn Maxwell (RCB)

32. Who won the ‘Power Player of the Season’ of IPL 2023? Ans. Jos Butler (RR)

33. Who hit the maximum sixes in IPL 2023 Season? Ans. Faf Du Plessis

34. Who won the ‘Perfect Catch of the Season’ Award in IPL 2023? Ans. Rashid Khan

35. Who won Man of the Match Award in the IPL 2023 Final Match? Ans. Devon Conway (CSK)

36. How many total matches were played in IPL 2023? Ans. 74 Matches

37. Which company was the title sponsor of IPL 2023? Ans. Tata

38. What was the Venue of IPL 2023? Ans. India

39. Who is the highest run scorer in the IPL? Ans. Virat Kohli (973 runs in IPL 2016)

40. Who won the Best Venues of the Season Award in IPL 2023? Ans. Eden Gardens and Wankhede Stadium

IPL Questions Answers 2023

41. Who is the only player to captain 300 T20 Matches? Ans. MS Dhoni

42. Who became the only player to take 100 Catches for a single team in IPL? Ans. MS Dhoni

43. Who is the 1st Player to score 7000 IPL Runs? Ans. Virat Kohli

44. How many teams participated in IPL 2023? Ans. 10 Teams

45. When was the 1st IPL Season inaugurated? Ans. 2008 (Winners – Rajasthan Royals)

46. Who wins the Purple Cap in IPL? Ans. Leading Wicket Taker

47. Who wins the Orange Cap in IPL? Ans. Leading Run Scorer

48. Who is the 1st player to score 300 Sixes in IPL? Ans. Chris Gayle

49. Who became the 1st Player to play 200 IPL Matches? Ans. MS Dhoni

50. Who is the 2nd player to score consecutive 2 Centuries in 2 consecutive IPL Matches after Shikhar Dhawan? Ans. Shubhman Gill

51. Which is the 1st Team to win 100 IPL Matches? Ans. Mumbai Indian

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FAQs – IPL questions and answers 2023

Who won the 2023 IPL final?

Chennai SuperKings won IPL 2023. They beat Gujrat Titans by 5 wickets in the final which was held in Ahmedabad.

Who is the Purple Cap in IPL 2023?

Mohammed Shami of Gujrat Titans has won the purple cap in IPL 2023. He has taken 28 wickets in this season.

What is TBD or TBC in the IPL ?

TBD in IPL stands for To be Decided or To be Confirmed. It is a placeholder term widely used in event planning. It indicates that even if an event is about to happen, a particular aspect related to the event needs to be confirmed.

Who won orange cap in IPL 2023?

Shubman Gill of Gujrat Titans has won an orange cap in IPL 2023. He scored 890 runs in 17 matches in IPL 2023.

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